Monday 23 January 2012

Suti Core Facial

Suti Core Facial. The Ultimate Facial Treatment. Coming Soon...

This facial, by the brand that's fast becoming my all time favourite, deserves it's own tagline, Underground poster campaign and TV ads with a gravel-voiced Voiceover Man bellowing out dramatic and glamourous statements to get you all over excited and impatient, because it is quite frankly the best facial I have had. And what's more, the build up to this particular appointment was nigh on EIGHT months! That is one hefty amount of anticipation and boy did it live up to it - way beyond my expectations!

So then. What the hell am I on about... Suti, if you haven't yet heard, is the most beautiful skincare range developed in very recent years by two sisters-in-law. I have reviewed some of their gorgeous products here and have been enamoured with them ever since. In May last year I was asked if I would like to try a new facial treatment they had developed and of course, I accepted! However, work got in the way and before I knew it I was filming in Malta. I ended up being away on location for the rest of the summer. Kindly the appointment was postponed and scheduled for November on my return. After seriously doing my back in (standing for long hours and heavy make up kits don't do much for your back) I was forced to postpone again and so in December on the morning of the appointment I awoke with excitement and trepidation and... the most godawful cold. Again I was forced to forfeit and the wait was back on. Bugger.

A month on, stupid cold still very much with me (seriously??! What is up with my immune system right now??) and the big day finally came! I half expected locusts to fall from the sky... thankfully no hitches this time!

This treatment, performed by the lovely Suzannah Jenkins, is way beyond a facial. Incorporating all the products in the range it includes deep cleansing, exfoliating and several nourishing and purifying masks. Every product in the Suti range is beautiful and each one really gets to shine here. The Purity Face Balm is gorgeous, the Peppermint water is so reviving, the Organic Cleanser is already a favourite, as is the Rejuvenate Face Oil - I'm completely hooked on this. But why let your face have all the fun?! Whilst the various masks are performing their magic, legs and feet, arms and hands, chest and head are all treated to a massage too, using the appropriate oils and balms to match, like the Fabulous Foot Balm. Heavenly.

All the sensations from hot cloths, to cool pads, firm massage and light spritzes, are delivered with reassuring precision and keep your skin comfortable and calm, letting you really relax into the experience. There's no harsh scrubbing, no serious pummelling where you actually begin to gag. And definitely no irritation or risk of over-sensitised skin here. 

But what is the really unique thing about this facial treatment is the use of crystals. Don't freak...

On lying down on the couch I was given two Reiki crystals to hold. This is a nice, friendly, grounding technique, allowing you to close your eyes, lie back and centre your mind. Various crystals are also used during the massage, which helps, in crystal theory, to send positive vibrations to you. Now this may not excite you or even interest you, but what might is how this actually feels.

Through every stage of the facial, different crystals were used to draw patterns down the face and neck, tracing the channels of lymphatic drainage and adding another, very welcome aspect to this sensory experience. That and the steamer which gently blows steam towards your face whilst another bit of you is being tended to - just lovely. (I love steam. I could live in a steam room, if it wasn't for the fat hairy men that already live there.)

Feeling a little heady and thoroughly floppy, in a good way, I took a peek in the mirror getting changed and I was impressed to say the least, glowing, happy skin. Later that day I was fascinated by the glow. I couldn't stop inspecting my face!

Feeling good and very happy with the results, I went to meet to friends for drinks. The next day, my cold had developed into a curious throat afflication, like a little bird's nest had been built over night and then caught fire; scratchy, sore, lumpy. I felt like crap. Plus I was hungover from some kind of japanese mojito overindulgence. I'm not telling you this to be gauche (!) my point is when I dragged myself from my bed to the shower and looked in the mirror I was actually shocked at how good my skin still looked! It was even better than the day before, even smoother, more even, tighter, plumper! And with my catalogue of complaints to boot! Serious magic was at work. I loved it! 

There's something very special about a facial, that no amount of self-admininstered facial massaging can seem to achieve. And with the combination of pure products and expert technique, this one is a real gem you ought to try. (There is also something very special about a facial that not even a stinking cold and a hangover can ruin! Incredible)

It costs £65 for the 90 minute treatment, which I think it the most amazing value for money. I would generally expect to pay a pound a minute as a rough idea, which makes this great value already. Factor in the results and you've got one exceptional treatment. GO GET ONE!

Suzannah is currently training therapists in the Suti Core Facial. If you live in the vicinity of East Sheen there are a few places you can go for it, see their website for more details.

There is also a program of events taking place with Wholefoods Market across London which is very exciting and I will update you on this as and when I get the details. 

Also of note: The Suti Core Facial received a blog award from Beauty Mouth - Best Facial of 2011 and you can read about that here.


  1. I've been using the Suti face oils this month, and adore them - like the facial I think they are SO reasonably priced! The facial sounds gorgeous!

    1. They really are! I'm on a bit of a mission to tell the world about Suti! I know they will hit the big-time soon and it's so exciting to discover a brand so early on...
      Thanks so much for commenting... Like your blog too :D