Tuesday 8 March 2011

Pai Camellia and Rose Cleanser

Pai meet Sarah, Sarah meet Pai. Nice to meet you Pai, I've heard so much about you! Yes, all good. Well mostly from magazines, from Natalie Portman raving about you in interviews, from browsing around Planet Organic and Whole Foods etc. So good to finally meet you.

This is how my first introduction to Pai went. We're firm friends now, me and Pai. Here's why I love it.

I mean look at it, it's beautiful. But that's not all...

You may have clocked how I'm into my cleansers. And I was trying to find a truly lovely natural one (after realising that I was using one which wasn't so natural after all and I was running out of another one I was relying on instead) It was time to be bold. And try something new. Something uncharted. How exciting!

I have come across Pai from the many hours I have spent loitering in organic shops and I have heard a rumble of applause and appreciation around it recently too. Pai, formulated with sensitive and allergy prone skin in mind, are very purist in their approach to caring for your skin. They are very transparent about the ingredients included and excluded (and why) and all completely organic, certifiend by the Soil Association. Top marks!

So then, the Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. This is the only cleanser Pai does, which I think is kind of nice and straightforward in its suits-all kind of simplicity. Who doesn't want gently cleansed skin that feels hydrated? No one! That's who! As the packaging suggests it's gorgeous. It comes in a lovely pump bottle and a little organic cotton cloth. Just massage into damp skin and remove with the cloth and warm water. It's a light and creamy formula and is just such a joy to use. It massages in well, doesn't dry out or start to drag the skin (unlike others in this family of cleansers.) You could go around and around your face for hours if you want to! And when you have and it's time to remove, the cloth does a very good job of exfoliating away dead skin cells and lifting dirt. It actually has quite a rough texture which I wasn't used to but it makes me take better care of how I handle my skin. There's no need to scrub away at it!

And then there's the smell. So calming! Like a stroll through a garden in springtime. It's kind of herby, but subtle. But here's what I love about it the most. It can also be used as a very effective eye make up remover. I hate taking off eye make up. I was always put off cream removers (until now) because they seemed too thick and just got in my eyes and made them blurry. Liquid removers often used to sting. I used to use wipes but they too would sting and make the skin red in the corners. I thought I had found a decent, gentle one but decided it was full of rubbish. And then I started using the Trilogy Everything Balm (which is still good and I still like). But this is just so easy! Pop a bit on a cotton pad and sweep over eyes. Done. Its so soothing, doesn't sting or make my eyes sore in any way which I can honestly say it a very rare find. And it does the job so easily and quickly. I love not having to bother with another product! Again, so simple!

Camellia oil is full of Omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C and E and has been used for centuries for nourishing skin and hair. Rose helps skin retain moisture and has rejuvenating properties.

The results, a very happy, balanced complexion. My skin tone appears more even, brighter in fact. And I'm all the more happier for it. Thanks Pai, great to meet you and I can't wait to try the rest of the range...

Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser £25.00 (including cloth) 100ml
Available from Pai where if you sign up for their newsletter you receive 10% off your order.
And if you fancy trying a few samples for FREE, see here for a trial pack. WOW.


  1. I love a cream cleanser and am almost out of my current one... I'll check this out :) xx

  2. Yes do! I can thoroughly recommend it! I will definitely be adding it to my favourite list! xx

  3. I just ordered some Dr. Alkaitis products and they are fabulous! They better be because the prices are a little pricey (I ordered mine from ebay.) The cleanser isn't milky, but it didn't make my skin feel tight (I believe all the products do NOT contain water) because there weren't all those crazy preservatives.