Tuesday 5 April 2011

Une Natural Make Up

Good God, I'm the queen of distraction. And a complete clutz. I set out writing this post, all bubbling and excited, waiting for little Laptop to fire up... and then suddenly like a distracted dog I'm up, I'm in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea, I come back and forget what I'm doing and start replying to emails, then I find myself sitting on the floor in front of the mirror, scissors in hand cutting my fringe (something that really shouldn't be rushed or done with half a heart) and then I go and hit myself in the eye / nose area with the hoover hose trying to clear up the remains of my fringe on the carpet. What a weirdo. 

Anyway, I'm settled again and what I was all excited about telling you was today I am wearing about 80% natural make up, all over my face!

This might not sound much, but I'll elaborate for you: my foundation, my blush, one shade of eyeshadow and a matte nude lipstick - ALL NATURAL!

What isn't is my concealer, my mascara and another 2 shades of eyeshadow. OK, maybe that's more like, 60-70%. But I'm feeling quite pleased with myself all the same!

So here's the deal. I was was rattling around my local Superdrug (Dalston's best offer for beauty buys) in a vague search for a few new products when I decide to investigate a  brand that I have seen for some time but never actually tried... Une, from the guys behind Bourjois, is a make up range where 98% of ingredients are from natural sources and as much as possible is Ecocert organic too. I tell a lie when I say I've never actually tried anything by Une. I bought a concealer in the range a while back but if I'm honest I didn't really get on with it. And so I had not really bothered, up to now, to see what I thought of the rest of the product range. 

For your interest and entertainment, I was on the lookout for a new blusher because the ones I keep using (non-natural) keep bringing my skin up in little bumps and redness (grrr). As I made my way along each instalment of cheapy make up, I spied that Une were on a 3 for 2 offer. Bargain, I thought. After my disappointment at the concealer, I tentatively approached the Une stand. The look of the brand is quite attractive, like if Apple made make up, all white with slidey packaging and mirrors on the outside. Before me was a beautiful light pink blusher... before I knew it I had reached out and squashed a finger in it. Oh! The texture and finish of the Breezy Cheeks Blush was gorgeous! They had me! 
So creamy and velvety and even-pigmented, I was very impressed. It's a kind of cream - powder formula, and leaves a nice dewy look to the skin when applied. So I bought a lovely soft light pink colour, shade B02.

But I wasn't going to miss out on this 3 for 2 so I picked another couple of products...

The Sfumato Eyes Shadow I chose was a simple matte grey, shade S13. Again, easy to apply, good even blend, light, buildable, reasonable staying power. Very happy with that. 

And then there's the Casual Matt Colour lipstick. I hate lipsticks in general but do like to wear something on my lips, usually a balm. This nude, shade M05, is a very nice peachy-pink, a your-lips-but-better kind of look. Which I love. It isn't drying in anyway, in fact it is actually quite balmy so your lips get that extra boost of moisture without that silly sticky feeling. It says it is a matte texture which I can't say it is in the truest sense of the word, after all there is some shine. But what I think it really means is it's a simple, one colour affair with no shimmer, no glimmer nor glitter nor glossiness, without drying your lips into an inch of their life but without shining from the tree tops either. It's comfortable to wear and you're not swallowing any terrible chemicals. No Sir, not here. 

Ingredients-wise, The range on the whole excludes parabens, mineral oils and common make up nasties like talc. It's quite hard to find any specifics on the website and you need eyes the size of the moon to read the packaging, but in-store there is a little bit more to tell you what is in each product. The ones that are Ecocert are the most pure as to be certified by Ecocert they have to fulfil certain criteria. (Each of the products I bought are Ecocert certified.)

Get ready for this...

And here is my 'definitely over half but not quite 100%' natural make up Face of the Day, as they say in blogland. This, my be the first picture of me, it may be the last. I'm not telling. So enjoy it while it lasts...!

Une Breezy Cheeks Blusher in B02, £8.99
Une Sfamato Eyes in S13, £9.29
Une Casual Matt Colour in M05, £7.99
Available in Boot and Superdrug in store and online.

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  1. Ha, ha, I do the same crazy things. You are not alone.... :)