Sunday 8 April 2012

Purity Skincare

OK I have a moment to write something. In between mouthfuls of popcorn and with one eye on the telly. Because these things are very important to me right now - a simple day off feels like ten days in Tuscany and I have to optimise my time. Which is why I don't do videos, what with all the chomping and greasy fingers. (Sorry Little Macbook. I'll clean you another time. Along with the car and my bathroom and other chores I'm choosing to ignore.)

Right, so the point of this post is to tell you about a lovely and very inexpensive brand I have been using for several weeks now - Purity. I replied to a call out on Twitter to try it and the kindly folks there sent me a whole bunch of products to test. How nice!

I was initially very impressed with such generosity (what? I'm easily bought) but also with the clean and simple look to the range. It's very functional and straightforward. It doesn't look expensive because it doesn't have to. Nothing costs over a tenner making Purity a very friendly, easily accessible range (at Superdrug) which I hope will do some good to crossing over into the mainstream where so many natural brands have been overlooked and misunderstood.

I was sent the Facial Wash, Facial Exfoliator, Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, Anti-Ageing Serum and Mask and the Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser. I know. How nice!

The products I have used to death are the Facial Wash and Facial Exfoliator. The wash being perfect for the Clarisonic which I am still dabbling with. It feels fresh, with a nice light foam and doesn't dry out my skin. I have used is every other day as I alternate between trying other things and sticking to the old favourite - coconut oil (still in love with this). I had kind of forgotten how easy a face wash can be and this has really brought me back round to the idea, every now and then! Very good indeed.

The exfoliator is great for when you feel the need to march your skin outside into the glaring sunlight and give it a good whack with a carpet beater. Which is more or less everyday right now. I have made it sound really rather harsh and although it is very grainy these grains are actually in the most velvety, yoghurty cream. Feels like pudding for your face. Maybe an Eton mess. Or even just strawberries and cream.  It really enlivens the skin, leaving it soft and juicy. As if I might really have taken my tired old rug of a mug outside and given it a good thrashing with a carpet beater. Seriously though if you like a scrub this is actually a very kind one. Consider it recommended.

The moisturisers have been living in my kit, with good results and pleasant reactions -  the night time one has been enjoyed more by myself admittedly and although I don't like moisturisers that much (preferring a facial oil every time) I have been very happy with both of them. And very happy to use it as a way of getting people interested in natural skincare. I'm still horrified on a daily basis how  unaware most people are of what it is they put on their skin whilst assuming it must be just fine and dandy.

I admit I have only used the Serum / Mask combo once but this is mostly due to the distinct lack of time to do anything as nearly as indulgent as a mask for ten minutes and not because I didn't want to. It seems lovely but I must promise to road test it a bit more before I give you any feedback...

I have to say none of the products are heavily fragranced, or even register a smell at all and this is actually quite reassuring and makes a nice change. 

Purity is undeniably very affordable and is marketed as an option for those who want to buy natural but are put off by the price. There are several, very affordable ranges available now but usually only found in health food stores or online, not somewhere like Superdrug (which generally sells what I like to refer to as MUCK.) And it is this that I find most interesting. Encouraging even.  A great step towards people making a more informed choice I hope.

But at the same time something else worries me here - that people will read 'natural', 'pure' and even 'organic'  on other brands' packaging and feel they are getting a similar thing with those brands too when they most certainly are not. Greenwashing is a terrible, terrible thing and makes my blood boil. Don't go forgetting there is no legal definition of any of these terms and brands can wave words like this around like pretty little bunting at a summer's fayre to get you slapping on a whole host of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances and potentially carcinogenic material in the name of cheap and easy profit.

Labels are everything and although it as great to see a natural product from someone like Purity next to something like Dove, Simple or Nivea, it would actually make me weep if people didn't realise there was difference between them. 

Also whilst we are on this subject of ingredients - a full ingredients listing on a website, in this day and age, for a natural brand, is ESSENTIAL if a consumer is to trust who they are buying from and indeed what they are buying. It is a massive turn-off when a full list isn't available. At first, I was a little frustrated that I couldn't see an ingredients list right by the products on Purity's website. With a little more patience I discovered their ingredients glossary which clearly explains every ingredient they use and this I think is very, very commendable. Even I, up here on my high horse, can't be bothered to google every single ingredient and although I know I recognise and understand most things I read, there are plenty of chemicals, natural or not that I don't. This glossary is clear, transparent and something everyone should want to read. Well done Purity. 

Right, I got all serious there. So enough of that. Jurassic Park is on. See you next time.

Purity is available in Superdrug Stores and online 
Products range from £4.99 to £8.99.