Tuesday 31 July 2012

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush

My last post was kind of geared towards fooling yourself into feeling like you've had a summer by the amazing trickery of bronzer. Although we did see a slice of sunshine when the big fat bully of the jet stream left us alone for one measly week, now it's back to the same old. So following on from that post I wanted to just quickly tell you about the latest little purchase from Lily Lolo who make, in my opinion, the BEST mineral foundation in loose powder format I have ever tried (and I doubt I will ever find one I prefer). Amen.

Given how much I like their foundation - I'm on my third pot of Blondie, a light neutral tone - I thought it was high time I tried one of their blushes. So I opted for a new shade, Beach Babe. That's a wishful-thinking-kind-of-name if ever I heard one. But that's OK. That's what we want! Because with this beautiful soft peachy pink and my Neal's Yard Mineral Bronzer, I am maybe one quarter of the way to becoming a Beach Babe myself! HA! All I need now is a beach, some kind of miracle bikini and some scorching hot rays. High Five! (OK and some sunscreen, shut up already)

The shade is very pretty, very summery without any sparkle because (all together now...) I hate glitter. It's just a very wearable colour. The texture is superb. Lily Lolo are really good at delivering a fine milled texture without scary nano-particles that do freaky disappearing acts in your cells and get up to nasty toxic jiggery-pokery when they shouldn't be. No, there's none of that here. Actually, although it is a great summer shade, it would be perfect all your round, as it would look very china-dollesque on a lovely pale, dainty face framed with a big cosy scarf and glossy dark locks. Can you tell I am a little sunshine-starved right now? Anyway...

I also ordered a Baby Buki brush to assist me in my Beach Babe fabulousness and although at first I thought it wasn't going to be a patch on the densely packed dream of the Super Kabuki, as this one has nowhere near the same tightly crammed bristles, it does actually perform perfectly well at popping on a dab of colour to one's grinning cheeks. Marvellous. 

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Beach Babe is £7.29
Baby Buki Brush is £7.99
Tropical Paradise Picture available here. I really want this!


  1. I ordered two sample pots of Lily Lolo bronzer from CutECOsmetics yesterday, in my quest for switching to British brands. I'm currently have BareMinerals Bronzer but I'm hoping Lily Lolo will be a permanent switch :)

    1. Let me know how you like them! I'm loving my Neal's Yard one. Very pretty!

  2. In that photo LL blush Beach Babe is a peachy light shade http://crueltyfreemalta.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_36&products_id=1134 ,but in your photos is so rosy.
    I find Lily Lolo Surfer Girl Blush look like that .What is the truth?:d

  3. It's definitely more a pink shade with an undertone of peach. It's a warm pink, not a cool (blue-based) pink. Hope that helps!

  4. That blush is beautiful! I've just ordered two Lily Lolo eyeshadows and want to try their blushers, this one is definitely something I'd wear. I love a nice peachy pink! Lily Lolo really seems like a great brand. I only switched to natural products a month or so ago so am still finding products I like :)

    Gem x