Thursday 22 March 2012

Checking In

Tired much?

Hi Folks. So I'm checking in to say hello and to tell you how things are going at work because I haven't much else to report!

I have literally just checked in at some random hotel off the motorway here in Kent for one night and one night only for filming tomorrow.

We started shooting on Monday, in a gorgeous church in London which involved a mule and a cow. That's all I'm saying. Except I wasn't really on set much that day, more poking around on the make up bus filling moulds for prosthetic pieces and washing wefts etc. That pretty much covers Tuesday too.

And yesterday I was in the gorgeous Ewelme in Oxfordshire which is the most beautiful little village - filming with some lovely background artists that we made all grubby and poor-like. Very satisfying.

Today was spent recovering from getting back home at 03.30 and travelling down here to Kent and tomorrow  - I have no idea what is actually happening tomorrow - except there is a massive crowd, lots of dirty beggars again and our lead fella on horseback I believe.

So that's that.  I may go and have a large glass of wine now and wait til morning.

Love and kisses.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm

OK, quick, before I get distracted.... here is another post!

I have been particularly interested in lip products of late, after what I call the Lipstick Disaster also known as the Japanese Honeysuckle debacle (click here). So on a recent trip to Wholefoods (I should start receiving commission how much I go on about Wholefoods) - a trip which lasted several hours I might add, maybe even as long as three, I know! THREE! - I picked up a little tube of Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm (that probably wasn't all I got...)

"Great!" I thought.
A lip balm with a healthy dab of colour. I chose Pink Blossom. It's a pretty fuschia pink, nothing too wild but not plain jane either. There are six colours in this range though, including red, darker plum, coral and nude. I simply must try them all! For I love this lip balm. LOVE!

The colour is perfect for my lips to look a little alive and a little effortlessly 'done'. And as it is a balm, you get properly moisturised, long-lasting smoothness. For real! I struggle with lip balms. I can get really dry lips and have the grossest habit of pickpickpicking when they get that way. Colour can only make dry skin more obvious. This is nothing short of amazing for how smooth it makes my lips feel and the slick of colour just makes them POP! 

Let me say it again. I LOVE this lip balm.

I tell you what I also love, the packaging. It comes in a cute little cardboard tube which has really brought out my geek side as I have kept what is a standard lip-balm-shaped lip balm inside it's very own little lip balm house to stop it getting all fluffy under the lid like they usually do in my possession. It does cost £5.99 which is about 2squid more than the others in the Burt's Bees line but for a cute lip balm carrier case I'll pay what you ask!

It's such a great formula, coconut oil, shea butter, lanolin and it smells délicieux like bubblegum, though I think that it might be jasmine and rosemary, looking at the ingredients... Yum!

So there. That wasn't so hard now was it!

Kiss kiss xoxo

Where I Have Been

Hey folks.

Something has been going on. I haven't been writing on here much (less than normal), I haven't been on Twitter, tweeting my thoughts on recent television programming or the contents of my fridge. I have barely even tweeted my latest road rage escapades and there's been plenty of those, let me tell you! I can't even remember the last time I logged into my Facebook page (boring). What the heck is wrong with me?

Work. Sounds rubbish I know but it's true.

I am working on a film again, Les Miserables (think I'm allowed to say this). It is a biggie ...and  I'm loving it! But take heed and listen. No matter how much I say I will keep this up. I won't. I know what I'm like - full of empty promises and afraid of commitment! So get used to the silence baby. I mean, I will try and tweet a bit of on set shenanigans now and then. And maybe I can whip up a post whilst sat lonely in hotel rooms... See, I'm doing it again! Don't listen! It's false hope!

In fact, the only reason I am writing this post now (and I might try and squeeze another out whilst I'm here) is because I was actually home at a decent time today and appear to have a spare evening! Trés miraclous!

So this is what I have for you, for those times you find you're feeling low or lonesome, or maybe in the tiny, wee hours you stumble over to my blog for a spot of light reading on natural skincare and good humour, or those times where work really is too much, or too little and you are searching out a distraction, or a purpose, something to look forward to, to drag you through the remainder of the day... well, for all those times when you feel like you're in need and I'm not here... There is something, somebody you can turn to.... Louis. Awww. Happy little fella.

He's chewing a bone here, don't be alarmed.

Adios Amigos. Love and Kisses.