Friday 8 April 2011

Oskia Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum

The Oskia Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum is not just an eye cream. It's an eye serum... The clue was in the name. I like the word serum because you can imagine some one has poured various liquids into special little glass vials and held them up to the light, tinkering around with a glass probe and a measuring device, whilst a smaller, mousey-looking man observes, writing down the results on his clipboard with his Parker pen. What I mean is there's some proper science going on here...

As with all Oskia products, the formula is based on MSM, which is key in the production and support of collagen - we all know how important collagen is in staying youthful. There are so many other clever ingredients in here but I'll point out what I think are some of the most innovative ones, because that seems to be what Oskia is all about - creating products that only use exceptional ingredients that have some clear results to their name...

First up we have arnica, commonly applied to the skin to lessen bruising. What a great idea! Together with another ingredient, Laminaria, and also Vitamin B3 they act to decongest, banishing dark circles for a clearer and brighter look. 

Next we have milk peptides and Galactoarabinan (GA, an alternative to collagen from the plant Larch) which works to lift and firm the skin for an instant boost. I can really feel this effect...

And we also have Swiss Apple Stem cells and these are derived from a rare variety of apple that was known for its resistance to shrinkage and wrinkling of the skin. Can you see where this is going? These stem cells help our own adult skin stem cells in repairing the skin and reducing the depth of wrinkles. 

As with all these ingredients Oskia's website highlights some very commanding research to explain what each one does in far more depth so for more information check it out here.

The Eye Wonder serum is a very lightweight texture and a little goes a LONG way. By a long way, I mean it will cover all of your face if you wanted it to. It's very cooling, very fresh, very pleasant to use either day or night. And I have been using it for several weeks now twice a day. 

My initial reaction was one of wonder, suitably enough being called Eye Wonder. It was quite strange! It did seem to lift and firm and tighten once it dried. And I say dried because it is more like a drying rather than an absorbing. This drying effect does the clever tightening part, giving a smoother looking appearance. But I'll be honest, I did struggle a little trying to work out how much to put on, not sure that this much was really right. The pump bottle delivers a massive amount! And because it goes so far and seems to feel like too much I started trying to use less, not wanting to overload my skin as well as not wanting to waste it (it's 58smackeroons!) So I was unscrewing the top to use just a dab instead. But you know what? After awhile, I was a little underwhelmed and realised that this wasn't perhaps the idea. The effects I was getting before were better so I have gone back to pumping out whatever the pump wants and massaging it in (lightly, obviously, we all know the rules) all over the eye area, as it says on the bottle, from temple to temple. I don't just mean delicately tapping just above my eye lid and just below. I mean above the brow to above the cheek, right across the temples, even across the bridge of the nose. Everywhere! Spread the love right? I'm not sure if this is the idea... but I think it works for me, it's such a light texture it really doesn't drag and once it goes kind of 'tacky' it pulls the skin into shape and you're laughing! Clever, clever stuff.

Trying to decide if it's had any life changing effects is really tricky because I have to say I am much happier with my skin now, more so than I have been in long, long time. And this is totally down to changing my ways and choosing genuinely clean and pure products. The overall appearance of my skin has definitely improved. I'm really impressed with Oskia's range and the ethos behind the brand. And I'm in firm support of the research that goes into each ingredient. The Eye Wonder serum is lovely to use, with a very clever instant boost effect. As for diminishing wrinkles, it's hard to tell and that's surely down to the test of time, whether I end up with a face like a saggy grey tracksuit or a brand new lycra one-piece. 

But I like to put a little investment in and a little trust too so I'm going to continue to use it and you can watch my face... It'll be like Play Your Cards Right - higher...,  higher! 

Oskia Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum 
£58 for 15ml (which is quite large for an eye cream)

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  1. Thanks Sarah for posting such a glowing (and convincing) review. I will be getting it in a few hours' time! Their Perfect Cleanser quite dramatically improved my skin: diminished fine lines under the eyes and an overall smoother complexion. Impressed. I've been using Guerlain's Success Eye Tech & Eyelid Lifter for years. It is a great product for maintaining a "lifted" look for the eyelids btw.