Friday 22 April 2011

Neal's Yard Lemon Balm and Rose Tea

I have long enjoyed green tea, so much so that I can't really muster up much interest in a regular cuppa these days (Earl Grey I will still make time for you, of course). But in recent months I have really been hitting the herbal teas and one of my favourites is Neal's Yard Lemon Balm and Rose Tea.

I was given this tea when I went for my facial at Neal's Yard (read about it here) as it was something that was recommended for my overall wellbeing after the holistic consultation. The infusion is a great nerve tonic, relieving symptoms of tension and stress and promoting calmness. And its yummy. And very easy to drink.

But with all this lovely hot weather, sometimes a hot cup of something isn't really what you fancy. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for having the bright idea, in this lovely balmy sunshine, of brewing it and then chilling it, to make lovely iced tea. (Except I can't be bothered with the ice part, my fridge is pretty cold.)

It makes such a refreshing drink and is even better than water, which is a very bold thing for me to say because I am the self-titled QUEEN of EVIAN. Seriously.

So for an even healthier alternative to water why not try your favourite green or herbal tea chilled instead of hot!? You can even get a little bit of cucumber and lemon in there and pretend it's a Pimms! Or maybe add a Pimms? Maybe not.

Anyway, Happy Easter and Happy Sunshine. I'm going for a picnic, with a flask of lemon balm tea!

Neal's Yard Remedies Lemon Balm and Rose Tea £3.90 for 50g
Available in store and online


  1. I wish we could buy that tea over here in the states! I've been in love with SPORTea for a long time and I only drink it iced. Think I will brew and chill some for later... it also has a lemon-y taste. xxoo

  2. Ooh I don't think I've heard of SPORTea here!! You might be able to get lemon balm tea separately. The NYR one has rose as mentioned, and also skullcap, chamomile, passionflower and lime flower. It even looks pretty! xx