Thursday 8 March 2012

Where I Have Been

Hey folks.

Something has been going on. I haven't been writing on here much (less than normal), I haven't been on Twitter, tweeting my thoughts on recent television programming or the contents of my fridge. I have barely even tweeted my latest road rage escapades and there's been plenty of those, let me tell you! I can't even remember the last time I logged into my Facebook page (boring). What the heck is wrong with me?

Work. Sounds rubbish I know but it's true.

I am working on a film again, Les Miserables (think I'm allowed to say this). It is a biggie ...and  I'm loving it! But take heed and listen. No matter how much I say I will keep this up. I won't. I know what I'm like - full of empty promises and afraid of commitment! So get used to the silence baby. I mean, I will try and tweet a bit of on set shenanigans now and then. And maybe I can whip up a post whilst sat lonely in hotel rooms... See, I'm doing it again! Don't listen! It's false hope!

In fact, the only reason I am writing this post now (and I might try and squeeze another out whilst I'm here) is because I was actually home at a decent time today and appear to have a spare evening! Trés miraclous!

So this is what I have for you, for those times you find you're feeling low or lonesome, or maybe in the tiny, wee hours you stumble over to my blog for a spot of light reading on natural skincare and good humour, or those times where work really is too much, or too little and you are searching out a distraction, or a purpose, something to look forward to, to drag you through the remainder of the day... well, for all those times when you feel like you're in need and I'm not here... There is something, somebody you can turn to.... Louis. Awww. Happy little fella.

He's chewing a bone here, don't be alarmed.

Adios Amigos. Love and Kisses.


  1. I get to have the real thing!!! K x

  2. Oh come back soon! :o( E x