Thursday 22 March 2012

Checking In

Tired much?

Hi Folks. So I'm checking in to say hello and to tell you how things are going at work because I haven't much else to report!

I have literally just checked in at some random hotel off the motorway here in Kent for one night and one night only for filming tomorrow.

We started shooting on Monday, in a gorgeous church in London which involved a mule and a cow. That's all I'm saying. Except I wasn't really on set much that day, more poking around on the make up bus filling moulds for prosthetic pieces and washing wefts etc. That pretty much covers Tuesday too.

And yesterday I was in the gorgeous Ewelme in Oxfordshire which is the most beautiful little village - filming with some lovely background artists that we made all grubby and poor-like. Very satisfying.

Today was spent recovering from getting back home at 03.30 and travelling down here to Kent and tomorrow  - I have no idea what is actually happening tomorrow - except there is a massive crowd, lots of dirty beggars again and our lead fella on horseback I believe.

So that's that.  I may go and have a large glass of wine now and wait til morning.

Love and kisses.


  1. A very busy week, but sounds like fun. You definitely deserve that glass of wine. xx

  2. I just have to say what a pretty picture this is, tired or not - you look like Charlotte Gainsbourg:)

    1. Thanks for your comments guys! - Charlotte Gainsbourg! How kind. That's what a bit of instagram editing does!! ^_^

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