Monday 2 January 2012

Like a Dog with a Bone! Thanks Folks.

Hello All.

I didn't want to do a 'Happy New Year' post. Or even a 'Merry Christmas Post'.
Obviously, I hope every one of you has had a very festive Yule (loving this phrase) and will have the best year ahead on record ever, truly I do. But to be frank, I am fed up of reading about The New Year.

If one more person asks me "What's your hopes and dreams for 2012?" I'm going to stuff my ears with the dead Christmas tree branches and close my eyes until February. And it's only the 2nd... doesn't bode well...

However. I don't want to be a party-pooper (and if you were with me on New Year's Eve you will know that I owned that dance floor like the bailiffs were coming to rip it out from beneath me...)
So I have caved. It would be rude not to mark this new year with a post dedicated to this... A big gushy "oh you GUYS!!" kind of thank you.

Louis is Me and the Bone represents the blog. Obviously.

I started this blog in early 2011 to give me a way of avoiding watching This Morning everyday of the week; a bit of focus and direction in what I like to refer to as The Dark Days, where I mope about the house between make up jobs. Don't get me wrong - I do love Holly and Philip, it's just like when you have ice cream everyday, it kind of makes you sick right? Right. Anyway, it was only my second year in the film industry and it was a long time between significant jobs.

As I seemed to spout on about natural skincare to anyone who might be passing by, I thought I better get a handle on it before I got sectioned for talking to too many strangers on the bus. And so, inspired by reading other blogs, I decided I could do it too!

I haven't been the most prolific, I admit that, as finally The Dark Days turned into The Actual Paying Job Days (hoorah!) but I have loved writing this blog and no matter how busy or distracted I have been, it has always remained one of my only passions.

So a massive "thank you" for stopping by to read this, whether it only be the once because of a random tweet you read or whether you follow all the time. Without you it barely seems worth it so... you know, ta very much.

So... gulp,  "Here's to a great year ahead..."

Love and Kisses.

I PROMISE there are a whole host of posts coming right at you in the very immediate future!


  1. Yay that's my puppy! Lord Louis of Woodcock, Pugshire! Great blog did, great passion, great posts and here's too many more in 2012! X

  2. Ahh lovely post! We love reading them - thank YOU! xx

  3. Totally agree! I am so sick of the happy new years posts too. I have big hopes for the year, but I don't make resolutions and I don't need to hear about other people's. Because come March, who is actually keeping theirs?