Friday 11 January 2013

And I'd like to thank...

Hi everyone!

This post has been a long time coming and I decided it was worth waiting it out as I wanted my first post back to put a spotlight on something you might have heard about: Les Miserables.

The fabulous hair and make up designer - Lisa Westcott - and wonderful hair and make up artist to Hugh Jackman - Julie Dartnell - have been nominated for this year's Oscars! And the film has a nomination for the BAFTA for Hair and Make Up too. Hi-FIVE!

I am so happy to have been part of this film, with all its many challenges and triumphs! These two wonderful make up ladies are superstar winners in my eyes and it was goddamn privilege to be on the team.

But the real point of this post is actually to thank some of the other behind-the-scenes heros for me too.


Welcome to the stage, Neal's Yard Remedies, Oskia and Pai - great, British, genuinely natural brands who provided products for our make up bus - and the cast and crew alike just loved them!

We had a hell of a lot of dirt, grime, blood and sweat to apply to get our cast looking like the poor folk of Paris and as fun as that is, it's up to us to take it all off again at the end of the day (excuse the pun musical fans...) Looking after skin is so important especially when many (all) of the products we use for character and effect make up cannot be anything like natural. Add to that a heavy filming schedule and inevitably skin gets worn out and over-cleansed. That's why to me it is so important to take care of your artist's skin and to do this I prefer to use something kind, effective and something that will put some nourishment back in.

Big love to those behind these brands that have supported me in spreading the natural skincare message through my work. It's so satisfying when you see someone's skin improve because of the products they use and the care you take.


Les Miserables is out in cinemas now!


  1. That is crazy. you worked on that film?! That is so cool! Yay for natural products going mainstream.

  2. Really want to see this film!!! Thats so cool that you worked on the film!!


  3. Wow, its good that you are a part of this film!!! Will watch it! :)

  4. That's amazing that you contributed to making this film as wonderful as it is! :)

    Gem x