Thursday 13 January 2011

Trilogy Everything Balm

This is a very clever balm that does in fact do everything. It put the kettle on, it took the bins out, it's even writing this post. Awesome. 

Look at it in its happy little box. Of course it doesn't quite stretch to any of that. But it is very helpful in any manner of dry skin conditions! 

The soothing and softening action comes from the many skin nourishing oils including marula, olive, rosehip, jojoba and evening primrose. Its a solid balm which, when you gouge a bit out with your eager digit and warm it up in your hands, quickly becomes the most silky oil you can apply to anywhere for anything. Use it as a lip balm, to soften those dry patches on your hands, elbows, knees, as an impromptu facial moisturiser should you have forgotten yours, use it to soften cuticles, as a massage oil and maybe just maybe (I haven't tried this yet so it's a completely unfounded bold suggestion) as a cleanser with a warm muslin cloth. (I will try this and report back) It's fragranced with the essential oils of Lavender, Rose Geranium and our new fav Frankincense. What's not to like?

Trilogy are a company from New Zealand and rosehip is the basis of all of the products. Rosehip oil is recognised as wonderfully beneficial for skin, containing natural tretinoin or retinoic acid, derived from Vitamin A, proven to delay ageing of the skin.  

You can find out more about the magical effects of rosehip on the Trilogy website here.

I also really rate their neat Rosehip Oil which you can use like a moisturiser, layer up under your usual moisturiser, or as an intensive night treatment. But maybe more on that another time...

Trilogy Everything Balm 45ml RRP £12.50 and 95ml RRP £20.50
(but cheaper at Naturisimo and Lookfantastic so shop around...sshhh!)

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