Monday 3 January 2011


Well, as we all know it's the New Year and this year my resolution is to be more active. I say that in a very vague way but what I mean is simply DO more. Top of my list is 'knit a blanket' and I'm pretty proud of myself for buying the wool for that one so that's almost ticked off. You will also see that 'cook more' and 'read more' appear on this list of mine. Last night I made a pasta bake. Admittedly it was out of a jar but it still involved the oven.  And today I have been reading a lot of stuff online... all in the name of research for this - Introducing the next thing in the line designed to make me more involved with my own life!

I'll start by explaining why I want to write about natural skincare and what use it is to anyone.

As a girl with two sisters I've always loved make up and dabbled with all sorts of beauty type products. I've always cleansed, not always toned but definitely always moisturised. And I have always had an interest in natural health, drummed into me I'm guessing by my Mum who was forever telling me I needed more zinc for those white specks on my nails or that I should have some pineapple as it had bromide? bromine? something in it that's good for your skin....... anyway... So this interest in natural health led to an interest in natural beauty and when I trained to be a make up artist I became very aware of the damage and stress we cause to our skin sometimes by trying to look after it! (Recalling two week rash I had all over my face and neck whilst at make up school) So as I've gone along my merry way I've gladly told my friends and colleagues (whether they asked or not) how best it is to avoid parabens, to give SLS a miss and such like and now I feel like telling you! So here you'll find the products I like and have enjoyed using on myself and in my make up kit and I invite you to tell me about the products you like too. I think I'm going to use this as a way of educating myself and anyone who's interested about those nasties lurking in that enticingly packaged, sweet smelling promise in a bottle on the bathroom shelf.

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