Tuesday 8 February 2011

Eyeliner Freebie!

Quick post about something you may have already seen but I only saw yesterday whilst shopping in the supermarket. The March issue of Elle magazine are doing a rather fab little free gift which is a Neal's Yard (yes, again) black pencil eyeliner, worth £9.50. Superb.

I'm wearing it now it's a lovely smokey dark black. Not a jet black of the blackest black, but a good solid colour, great for a soft line, easy to smudge but good staying power. And natural Hoorah!

Natural make up is a tricky subject and I am working on finding the best alternatives that don't compromise on performance. So this is a good start and if you buy the magazine its free! FREE!!!

NYR have included white tea in their ingredients for this little beauty which gives it a bit of antioxidant power most welcome around the eyes!

Plus I love Elle so it's a winner.

Elle Magazine £3.80 available everywhere
Neal's Yard Eyeliner, available here

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  1. Also worth a mention here is that in ELLE magazine you get a 20% off voucher for Neal's Yard so that's even more of a bonus!