Monday 7 February 2011

Lazy Days and Rehydrating Rose

I'm not sure why I called this post Lazy Days because it's not quite reflective of the truth. What is true is that I haven't written a post for sometime which could be construed as laziness but really it's a symptom of indecision and not enough time in the day. I have several ideas for posts which I'm working on but unfortunately I have been a little diverted due to a mishap in the Amazon ordering process which meant that the books I had ordered for research got dispatched, delivered, returned and refunded, unbeknown to me. I failed to specify a flat number and Royal Mail took umbrage with this insignificant omission and sent back the goddamn books without even the courtesy of telling me. So that and a make up job involving a humanoid alien falling in love with a horse, shot in the gale force winds of Northamptonshire, go some way to explain my lack of presence on this here my very own blog. So sorry for that.

Anyway, what I have decided to get round to telling you is that I have been trying a few different products in the cleanse and moisturise routine. Again.

Ooh actually before that, newsflash - Trilogy Everything Balm succeeds very nicely as an eye make up remover too- work a cotton pad around and around to pick up a good bit of balm and use carefully on your eyes. You can also massage the balm into the whole face to dissolve make up and cleanse away the whole lot with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Right, yes, what have I been using lately...  I'm afraid I'm back to the old favourite, Neal's Yard Remedies, but trying out a few different things this time. Although I have quite an unhealthy attraction to the brand, I haven't actually used that much in their range. It is quite a big range though, in my defence. So I thought I would extend my knowledge and take advantage of their Trial Sized Essentials. There are four sets, for each skin type which are Rehydrating Rose (which I am using), Rejuvenating Frankincense, Nourishing Orange Flower and Youthful Powerberry.

In the Rehydrating Rose set you get the Daily Moisturiser, Facial Polish and Facial Wash.  It all smells amazing, a very clean floral scent, obviously being Rose based. Interruption, I'm finding it hard to concentrate because the Superbowl is on TV. I don't mean I'm really into American Football. I mean it's annoying. Anyway. Roses. Oh god that girl from Glee is singing a song about America. ROSES. The moisturiser is...Christina Aguilera is singing the anthem now... very light and very very spreadable. A little goes a long long way. I made the misteak (sorry getting all USA) mistake of putting way too much on and my skin was left feeling a little tiny bit sticky. A minor thing but not what I wanted. If you put the proper amount on the skin, it absorbs super-duper fast. So work quickly! But it is a very good daily moisturiser if you are looking for a light lotion.

The facial wash is gentle and forms a light but very soft lather. Best way is to work it over cheeks with the flat of your palm to get the optimum foam production. It's there, but like I said, it is very light. So I quite like using it with a make up remover too. Like my Trilogy Everything Balm!!! Skin feels cleansed but not stripped.

And the Facial Polish is gritty as you would expect, but not like sandpaper. It's actually wild rose seed that provides these exfoliating particles and they do a good job without ploughing great furrows into your skin and robbing it of all its natural oils which are important for maintaining the skins barrier function.

So as a quick little summary the set is a great way to try a few products without committing to the full sizes. You get 50ml of each product which feels like quite a generous size. And a little zip up cotton bag to keep them in. Delightful.  And if you um and er about it like I did you might get a few samples of other products thrown in there too! It's good to be indecisive.

I'm yet to see the radiance I hoped for but I can only blame myself for that, me and the humanoid alien and the internet and the neighbours who are noisily chatting beneath me and the housemates creaking about upstairs and the... stupid lack of sleep I'm getting or not as it goes. So maybe I should be investing in their new Beauty Sleep Concentrate instead... which looks very appealing...

Neal's Yard Trial Sized Essentials, £24.00 for Rehydrating Rose
Available here.

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  1. For what it's worth I'd like to add that the Rose Facial Wash is doing very nicely. I've been using it a lot recently and it is just the most smooth and sumptuous feeling face wash I've used in some time. Any lathering issues I had previously were merely a result of not using enough. I mean you don't need loads but we're talking the difference between a 50p sized blob in your hand compared to a 5p sized amount. You get a lot more for you're money so to speak. So don't be stingy now, squidge a happy amount out and lather up! It's quite satisfying seeing the water rinse away a pleasing hint of grey too! You must think my face is filthy!! And is probably is with all the city's muck hanging in the air... But my sink is all square so I get a good chance to see what rinses down the plug hole!!! You'll be surprised what comes off! Anyway. It's 1.30am and I think I've shared enough so goodnight!