Thursday 14 July 2011

Inika at John Lewis

Ooh how exciting! I was there doing a spot of imaginary/online shopping for my house on the John Lewis website and I stumble across this babygem of information... Inika is now sold at my favourite department store.

Now I'm not certain if this is online or in store too because I couldn't wait and instantly started writing this...hang on...nope, I can't deduce from the website whether its online only. But I do see that it is a bit more expensive...but anyway, what this means is really something! I love that slowly but surely the mainstream market is catching up. 

John Lewis pleases me particularly because they already stock a fair few natural brands, Neal's Yard Remedies, Nude, REN, Trilogy and the 'less natural than they would have you believe but still better than most' - Liz Earle, plus a few others like Balance Me, Evolve... oh there's a good helping for your average consumer who isn't aware of the natural and organic issue but will happily buy quality products that are beautifully designed. So to welcome a natural make up brand onto the sales floor, or screen as the case may be, I am very impressed, because if only by accident and intrigue, more and more people might just give natural a try. Which might just get them turning their bottle of foundation round and finding out just what is actually sinking into their skin everyday.

Praise Be. Now, back to choosing a lamp.

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