Wednesday 6 July 2011

Madara Moonflower Tinting Fluid

Now I know I promised to keep up with this blog whilst filming here in Malta. But I'm getting up at 3.30am, getting in at 9.30pm and you can imagine there isn't much time for even the essentials like sleeping and eating. And I know I also promised my next post would be about The Yantra Mat but it isn't. Sorry. I will follow with that one when we get back because I want to try a few more things out with it... Sounds intriguing non?

I really want tell you about Madara's Moonflower Tinting Fluid which is perfect for hot, hot summer days like it is here.

So this is like a tinted moisturiser but this grey area of skincare confuses me so I always use it as a base or a pre-base and not a moisturiser. The texture is really light, spreading very easily and quickly over the skin, in no way a greasy kind of cream. Fluid is exactly the right name for it. This makes it feel very light on the skin, which means it's comfortable in hot weather, or in fact in any weather, and it doesn't clog or cake.

And the colour, either a paler, pink toned (Moonflower) or a warmer, yellow toned (Sunflower) gives the most radiant sheen to the face for that nice sunny glow.

Now, please note I hate shimmer. I hate looking slicked and reflective or glittery or sparkly. I like a subtle kind of glow. And this is exactly what you'll get. It disappears into skin, not providing coverage but definitely evening out skin tone for that subtle no-make-up-make-up.

With a dab of concealer in the right places, it's all you need to prep the skin. And you can re-apply all day without feeling like you're trowelling more on. Skin stays fresh. Can you tell how much I love it?

Madara Eco Cosmetics are from Latvia and base all their products on the plants and flowers of the Baltic region. The smell of this cream is indeed like a summer meadow. Heaven.

So, be it a moisturiser, be it make up, there's no need to decide. It's lovely either way. A definite favourite.

p.s. I won mine on a competition on Facebook - what an added bonus! And it's lasting ages though I will  surely repurchase on the event of its sad but inevitable demise.


  1. $50 and I want it. I can't have it yet, but I'm always looking for a natural face product that will make me look glowy and lovely. I always use a moisturiser under any type of tinted moisturiser. Hope you're well. xx :)

  2. Is Moon Flower really pink? Or is kind of a neutral? xx

  3. Hi Mary Cate! Good to be back on the blog again. All is well.

    It's not pink, like a colour corrector but just good for paler skins really. I can get away with both Moonflower and Sunflower (especially now my face is a little more tanned from the Maltese sun!) because it is a very sheer layer but Sunflower is warmer and Moonflower is cooler. xx

  4. I order this today, so excited and curious to try it out.
    Great review :D