Sunday 5 June 2011

Greetings from Malta!

Hello there!

I just thought I would tell you about all the things I promise to write about whilst I'm here.

So far all is going well! I'm Skypes' biggest fan, spending most of my free time gassing away to long lost loved ones back home but I solemnly swear I will catch up on the many things I want to write about.

The first thing is the Yantra Mat and that will definitely be the next post so if you're wondering what the bejesus a Yantra Mat is, then stay tuned...

I also have been LOVING Madara's Tinting Fluid in Moonflower so I will give you a full write up on that very soon, too.

And I have brought with me a natural sunscreen by Lovea which I'm yet to try out but will give you an honest opinion on. So if I burn or look like I'm covered in lard, I'll let you know! And I will DEFINITELY be letting you know if I miraculously turn into a bronzed Goddess too!!

The reason I haven't even tried it yet is because after arriving Wednesday/Thursday I have pretty much been cooped up inside beavering away til dusk on all the many things I have to do to set up ready for shooting in two weeks time... with background crowds of 1000 strong. Gulp.

Today has been my first day off and we're on six day weeks so I have been making the most of it but the weather is rather hazy and humid and not really sun-tanning appropriate. That is surely set to change though. It better!

So that's the latest. I won't bore you with any more though I could turn this into a diary, I'm not sure anyone would appreciate that! So I will move on to the next post and get typing!

Love BEskincareful

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