Thursday 26 May 2011

Up, Up and Away!

Hello one and all.

Now then, the times they are a-changing. I have gone and got an actual job. A film job I mean. A proper one. So I am all up in the air at the moment. And soon I will literally be up in the air as I'm jetting off to Malta for a month (maybe more). I'm also up to my ears already with massive amounts to do before then and on my return I will be up to my eyes and beyond with yet more work! Sheesh!

I have so many things to write about still and I will definitely do my best to keep the posts coming, as and when I can grab a spare half hour. But with working 14 hour days (and that's being optimistic!) for the rest of the year I'm just warning you now this may not be as often as you expect!!

So, if any of you lovely readers have your own reviews for your favourite all-natural products, why not send them to me and I can publish them on your behalf... I think it might be nice to have some guest-writers on here and maybe we can all learn something! Or maybe you have been trying out something I have recommended in which case maybe you'd like to share your thoughts on that?

If you would be interested email me at or my regular email if you know it.

And I will try and keep you updated on my shenanigans in the meantime too!

I don't know the Maltese for goodbye so 'Adios' for now!!

1 comment:

  1. best of luck!!! xx
    i love your reviews! i also need to write more, but i'm so busy reading other blogs and looking after my wee babe! have fun in malta and wear a safe sunscreen ;)