Monday 2 May 2011

Spiezia Facial Cleanser

Spiezia are keeping it real. Very real and very natural. I can't believe I used that phrase. But it is true.

This brand, whose products are all organically grown and hand made from Gear Farm in Cornwall, are one of the purest and most green-hearted I have come across. With a mantra of "Made for Life" their philosophy is to breathe out in to the world that which you wish to breathe in. This means taking a responsible attitude to packaging, recycling, wastage, animal testing, the environment, organic farming and clean ingredients.

I met the lovely people from Spiezia at The Vitality Show back in March and they kindly gave me a tester of their Facial Cleanser. 

Cleansers are becoming my obsession. It's the first product I'll want to try out of any range and so I was a very willing guinea pig.

Let's cut to the chase. This is a very rich, beautifully smelling, gooey balm that massages into skin like a dream. A dream about Brad Pitt. It's a very buttery, melty texture and makes light work of removing eye make up as well as cleansing the full face. (Use dampened cotton wool for this.) Taking a moment with a hot cloth over your face (always the recommended technique with these kind of balm cleansers) is simply heaven. It not only gently wipes away the day's muck and make up,  but makes a great wind-down too, which I think is an important part in the 'getting ready for a good snooze' routine. In a base of coconut oil, a very nourishing oil for the skin, are essential oils of eucalyptus, clary sage and clove. This blend creates such a warm and restorative fragrance, perfect for inducing the Zzz's. And the ingredients are also selected to decongest pores, melt away impurities, regulate sebum production and avoid disturbing the barrier function of the skin, keeping it soothed and softened. It will not make your skin feel stripped of it's natural oils. It will make you feel like a hot cup of tea and crumpets. And a dream about Brad Pitt. 

There is far more to Spiezia than meets the eye. They make very lovely, very clean natural products and the whole range is 100% certified organic, but it doesn't stop there. The small scale production and green work ethic means this is a company with admirable credentials. Offering signature Spa treatments and even a campaign for complimentary treatments to women diagnosed with cancer,  there is a distinct dedication to improving and fostering a sense of well-being, above and beyond skincare. Which is pretty impressive and worth supporting. Well done Spiezia. 

Spiezia Facial Cleanser £22.50 for 50ml or £32.75 for 100ml

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