Sunday 22 May 2011

Suti - Feed Your Skin


I came across Suti at the Natural Products Show in April and shortly after I was sent some lovely products to test out.

With facial cleansers and moisturisers being my most favoured products I was sent the organic Facial Cleanser, the Rose Water Facial Toner, and two of their hero products, the facial oils - a Rejuvenate Face Oil and the Nourish Face Oil for Night.

I was completely wowed by the look of the products (and the generosity of Tina, co-founder of the range, who sent me the products - thank you!) The glass jars and bottles are solid and serious whilst the design and colours are light and pretty. It's a beautiful range. And the contents all surpass your highest expectations. They are gorgeous...

Starting with the cleanser, this is a buttery balm that can be used to dissolve make up and daily dirt,  all removed with a muslin cloth (included), which is my cleansing method of choice. I love this texture, it's very luxurious, very rich and smells incredible thanks to the lime, mandarin, lavender and geranium oils. In a base of shea butter and avocado seed butter are yet more delicious skin loving oils - apricot, olive, sunflower and cocoa seed butter and calendula extract too. All these ingredients work to sooth, nourish and revitalise skin.

When applying this, by gouging a bit out of the pot with my finger (I'm not proper enough to use a spatula as recommended!) and working around in a massagey-motion, my skin actually starts to look even better mid-cleanse than it does still with make up on pre-cleanse. This is a weird point to make but it really does! If I could go around with this stuff smeared all over my face then I would! Sure I might look a bit greasy but also even-toned and radiant. Luckily, this effect does indeed last after cleansing!  I have been using it very happily for weeks now and my skin has loved it. It's smoother and more even and less congested-looking. And there is still loads left in the pot too. Glorious.

Following cleansing, I use the Rose Water Facial Toner which is a very juicy spritz of pure Rose Damascena flower water, cultivated and prepared under a full moon to harness the lunar energies! Cosmic. The pure flower water delivers all the benefits of rose and is not to be mistaken for water sprays with rose added for fragrance (where aqua is listed as the first ingredient). I love the feeling of spritzing it lightly all over my face, it's uplifting, calming, refreshing and provides a little moisture which helps to massage in the facial oil in the next step.

Another little beauty, the facial oils seems to be the signature products from Suti. This oil is my favourite out of the two I was sent simply due to the smell and that it can be used both day and night. And previously I would usually never use an oil in the day time, but I am well versed on how good oils are for the skin - much more understood and received into the skin than creams. I bravely ditched my moisturiser and opted for using only this, morning and evening. 

You know what, I'm hooked. It absorbs so fast it doesn't leave me feeling greasy, it certainly doesn't mean you feel oil-slicked half way through the day either. My skin loves it.  I love it. Pure magic. The oils in this blend include rosehip, frankincense, argan and evening primrose, all famed for their impressive effects on healing and repairing skin, improving elasticity and tone and dimishing lines and sun-damage. You can't beat it.

And the Nourish night oil provides equally delicious results but I have to say the smell, predominantly jasmine and patchouli, which ordinarily I would love, is a little too strong for me and I like something a little softer especially at night when going to sleep.  

The Suti range was created by Suzannah Jenkins (The Su- in the name), a homeopath, aromatherapist and alternative medicine practitioner and Tina Steadman (the Ti- in the name), graphic designer and brand manager. Knowing this, I can really see how each has had their influence on creating this gorgeously packaged and beautifully blended range. And I have really been enjoying using the products together as a holistic skincare system. All the products really compliment each other and have really changed what I regularly use, I wouldn't want to leave any of the products out of my routine. All the ingredients are so pure, ethically sourced and sustainable, certified organic where possible to be so and fair trade. The range is available to buy online from the equally attractive (and very informative) website as well as a couple of others but there are very few shops to stock it yet. Suti really is a skincare secret so get in there before the rest of the world beats you to it!

Suti Cleanse Facial Cleanser £26.00 for 50ml includes muslin cloth
Suti Rose Water Facial Toner £18.00 for 100ml 
Suti Rejuvenate Face Oil £28.00 for 30ml
Suti Nourish Face Oil £28.00 for 30ml

All available at

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