Sunday 20 March 2011

Being Content - Content Beauty / Well Being Shop

Hey all. Lovely weekend. For a change to the usual online browsing of exciting and attractive natural skincare brands, I decided to spend Saturday afternoon traipsing around in the hazy London sunshine finding an actual shop where I can actually see, hold, squish and smell all the products I'm currently coveting. 

See, although you often get great prices on the internet, as we all know, it's no good when trying to discover something new. As a child my mum was always telling me 'don't look with your fingers' which although sounds a bit strange simply means don't pick up (break) anything (everything). However, this is exactly what is needed when selecting what you might like to put on your own face.

So then, just off Marylebone High Street is a rather lovely little shop called Content Beauty / Well Being which is attached to a very good looking website, also called Content. It's  a clever play on words, because it's really about Being Content with the contents of your products. Get it? Good.

As well as stocking a good selection of natural brands I already know, I wanted to visit there because it also has many gorgeous brands that I don't know one bit. So let's get stuck in.

The shop is very beautiful, nicely decorated, very compact,  cool array of hand mirrors adorning the walls. 

Brands stocked include Pai, Oskia, Ren, Suki, Nude, Jurlique, Barefoot Botanicals, Stem Organics, Live Native, OY!, MV Organic Skincare, Absolution, Amala, Dr. Alkaitis, Weleda, Huiles et Balmes, RMS, Inika, Nvey Eco, Jane Iredale, Green and Spring, Evolve, John Masters, Green People, Lavera, Less is More, Hurraw, Lotus Wei, Scent Systems, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Tsi La, Tallulah Jane and I think that might be it. Very comprehensive. 

Some of these brands I have never heard of so it's great to see how much is available on the organic skincare front and for every price point too. I mean, a lot of these brands are high-end and you'll pay a pretty price for a pretty face. But that's because we are seeing pioneering technology and research in this fastest growing section of the beauty industry, delivering such exciting products that will beat the hell out of your usual routine items. Natural products aren't just about what is left out of them, but about using and exploiting the most beneficial properties of plants and minerals that will not only leave your skin and body unharmed but boosted, nourished supported, protected. And I for one am going to need to get some kind of bank loan or sponsorship to indulge this! Let me say it again. You have to pay a pretty price for a pretty face. New T-shirt slogan anyone...?

Content also has treatment and therapy rooms.
Content Beauty / Well Being Shop 14 Bulstrode St (off Marylebone High Street) London, W1U 2 JG


  1. Whoops! I think I missed quite a few lovely brands including NEOM and DR HAUSCHKA! Silly me! Get yourself on the website or visit for a plethora of pleasure! It's like a skincare sweetshop!

  2. Thanks for following me Jeanette!

  3. Looks like a lovely shop, I was hoping they would stock our Skin Blossom range.

  4. I admit I haven't tried the Skin Blossom range before, though I think I"ve seen it in Whole Foods maybe?

  5. Looks lovely and very affordable! I will investigate...

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