Thursday 10 March 2011

Weleda Skin Food

I love a good meal. So you can imagine how happy it makes me when a product offers to feed my skin. Yum. Please sir, can I have some more?

One of Weleda's best sellers, Skin Food is an anything and everything product, providing extreme nourishment for deprived, dehydrated, dry, depressed and desperate skin. You can use it on your lips, on your elbows and knees, on your face for a super-intensive mask, on your hair to smooth over flyaways or dry ends. You can use it like a hand cream, a nail balm, or you can just smell it because it smells delicious, like you might just squidge it all over a freshly baked ciabatta roll.  (Don't actually do that)

Skin Food contains a very simple list of ingredients including sunflower seed oil and extracts of wild pansy, calendula, rosemary and chamomile to nourishes and protect skin. It does this so well that it has won 10 Awards in 2 years, apparently, most recently bagging Best Skincare Product in the Ethical Living Awards. And it has been around since 1926 as one of the first products made by Weleda. The old ones are always the best!

I have included this product for a while in my make up kit as a natural alternative to classic Eight Hour Cream, and I carry it in my set bag too - invaluable for quick fixes for the actors and even the rest of the crew too. You always get someone wanting lip balm or hand cream. And they always come back for more!

Weleda Skin Food RRP £8.50 for 75ml
Available online at and in good health food stores.
Also available at Naturisimo for £6.50 saving £2. Magic.


  1. Oh, I own and love this product! It's ah-mazing! I don't think I would want to put it on my face (it would be too thick for my liking.) :) xx

  2. Yes it is very thick but if you are desperate for moisturiser (having forgotton yours when travelling for example) it's a good stand in! Also if you want a sort of treatment at night perhaps. I apply it to hands and then press lightly over face rather than applying directly. Thanks for your comments Mary-Cate!

  3. Hi Sarah! I am so excited that you found my little part of the blogosphere! Thanks for the kind words. It is so great to meet other people who are interested in this topic. I'm bookmarking your blog for sure and would love to hear more about the products you like and trust!

    And I'd love to hear more about your visit to Stinson Beach. I've grown up in Northern California and have never been. Shameful, I know.