Thursday 10 March 2011

Little Update

So, again, I have been somewhat absent from here, mainly down to working on a short film last weekend. Quick review of that: Stressful. Car broke down. Early mornings. Crying scene. Script supervisor as well as only make up artist. Shock and panic of no tubes on a Sunday morning. Great food. Lovely actors and crew. Happy in the end.

But now, I'm back with not much else to do so here's what's new.

I'm still (very slowly) reading Toxic Beauty by Dawn Mellowship and I have to say if you have been inspired in any way reading this blog, this book is a must read! In fact, it could almost be shelved in the Horror section of your local Waterstones because, without trying to sensationalise the issues, its pretty terrifying. But it's great to get some proper facts from reliable studies. I will be posting up little tit-bits for you soon.

I'm loving the new Pai cleanser as reviewed in the last post. Such a great brand and I'm definitely going to have a look at the rest of the products. Here's a great review of their eye cream on a model recommends. I want to try that one next for sure!

And I would like to give you an update on using the NYR Beauty Sleep Concentrate- it's working wonders! The little lines around my eyes have really and truly gone! I couldn't actually believe it! Because I'm certainly not getting any more sleep. But my skin hasn't felt nor looked this good for years! So how exciting! Products that work!!!

My biggest issue right now is natural make up. Skin, hair and body care is pretty well covered in that there are some fantastic brands, producing some excellent products which really give results (like the above mentioned!) But I have to admit I'm struggling to find make up that I genuinely love. Working on this last job and reading this book has given me the inspiration to make not only my own make up bag natural and green but also my make up kit as well, at least as much as possible! It's all about reducing exposure to the synthetic chemicals we encounter and if I can keep a working make up kit that uses natural skincare and make up that would truly be something remarkable. So then, any discoveries that you might have made, do tell! Otherwise, I will be striving to find the products that will actually convince me (and maybe you) to put down the Chanel without compromising on the look! GULP! What have I said??

Watch this space...


  1. I'm sorry about your car breaking down :( I haven't read that book, but I want to!

    I feel like I comment too much, but I have such a passion for natural and organic makeup and skincare. It's too bad that the terms aren't regulated more closely in the US ('natural' isn't regulated, organic usually is certified...) Rose-Marie Swift has a great line of products called RMS beauty. She's a makeup artist who's worked with Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen. Vapour Organics is also a great line!

  2. Ah interesting! Thanks for the recommendations I shall investigate further! I appreciate all comments, which aren't many at this stage! So don't stop! Cheers!