Saturday 26 March 2011

The Vitality Show

Hey folks, a quickie to let you know about the Vitality Show at Earls Court II this weekend. I feel a little guilty not posting this sooner because it has actually been on for two days now! But my internet has been a real pain and I am in fact feeling pretty let down by it. You hear that BT? Yes, you have let me down with your rubbish signal. Anyway.

The Vitality Show, in my own words, is kind of a cheesy, girly day out. That obviously isn't how they are marketing it, that's more like 'a day out with the girls where you can learn how to look better, feel better and live better.' In reality its a big get together of health and beauty brands with live talks and therapies and a hair salon and live exercise classes. You have make up, cosmetics, Rosemary Conley, yoga, crystals, Rosemary Conley, hair styling and accessories, Rosemary Conley, juicers and foodie bits and energy healing and tarot and household gadgets and Rosemary Conley.

(I some how have an exercise video, yes video, by Rosemary Conley in which she helps you get a flatter tummy to such Eighties classics as Agadoo and YMCA. See an example with slightly better musical accompaniment here. )

I wanted to go to The Vitality Show to see how well represented organic skincare was and to do a little shameless promoting of this blog! And I did with reasonable success, which you will be hearing about in due course!

Brands present included the gorgeous Pai, the very natural and luxurious Speizia range, Green People, Lavera, Evolve, Une, Celgenics (can't wait to tell you about that one) Aeos (nor this one) and a few smaller outfits which I admittedly didn't really explore! So not loads, but it was clear this show wasn't for the real natural enthusiasts nor the new age demographic. This show was definitely more about 'left of the mainstream', where women are becoming a bit more informed and want to make healthier lifestyle choices without only wearing hessian shoes and crochet.

In it's third year, the organic pavilion was definitely a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be but when you look at the rest of the beauty brands represented there (hardly any in the scheme of things) it was a promising thumbs up to this part of the beauty industry...It was great to talk to some of the people behind the brands as it can be hard to actually get to try these products in a proper retail setting with genuinely knowledgeable people on hand for more information because they simply aren't available in your average Boots or department stores and of the few that are- there isn't the service to go with it! But the very inclusion of an organic skincare section and the reported increase in demand for it is reassuring of the shift towards a more considered and holistic approach to beauty.

And like I said, I have some very curious products with very innovative technology to tell you about. Coming soon...

The Vitality Show is on til Sunday 27th March if you have nothing to do tomorrow. Tickets may still be available on the door. The Vitality Show


  1. Rosemary Conley ha ha! So sad I missed out :o( Good post though, can't wait to hear more about it! x

  2. Thanks! Yes it was pretty funny- I saw her right there in the flesh giving a talk! Was tempted to nestle into the crowd and watch it! But I don't think she was taking any of the exercise classes otherwise that might have swayed me to join in!